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Debt-Free Degree - Overview

Great news! Your kids CAN go to college without debt. This new book will show you how! 

“The idea that students can’t get a quality education without debt is absolutely ludicrous to me. But far too many people are falling for this myth, and it’s ruining their futures. They’re carrying a huge burden before they even get out of the gate!” 
--Dave Ramsey

Every parent wants the best for their kid. That’s why they encourage them to go to college! But most parents aren’t in a position to pay for their kid’s college, so they end up turning to student loans. 

The average graduate walks away with $35,000 in student loan debt and no clue how much that debt will actually cost them. But there’s a different way! 

In his new book, national bestselling author and Ramsey Personality Anthony ONeal teaches parents how to help their kid pay for college without debt, even if they haven’t saved for it. This is a step-by-step plan that combines common sense and honest humor. It’s not some stuffy “how-to” guide, but a book you’ll actually enjoy reading!

Debt-Free Degree doesn’t just tell you what to do. It also tells you why to do it, how to do it, and when to do it. 

It will show you how to cash flow your kid’s college education and what to do at each stage from middle school to high school. It will also teach you about scholarships, grants and free community colleges. 

Debt-Free Degree will also teach you:

  • How to prepare your kid for college.
  • Which classes your kid should take in high school.
  • When your kid should take the ACT and SAT.
  • How to do college visits the right way.
  • Why it’s important to choose a major.

A college education is supposed to prepare your kid for their future, not rob them of their paycheck for decades. Debt-Free Degree shows parents how to help their kid pay for college without student loans and set them up for financial success.


The Graduate Survival Guide - Overview

In The Graduate Survival Guide, Anthony ONeal and Rachel Cruze identify five mistakes to avoid making in college. Authentic, real-life stories from Anthony, Rachel and others will help high school graduates recognize how these mistakes can negatively impact their financial future.

The Graduate Survival Guide will help students:

  • Learn how to make smart financial decisions during college.
  • Put into practice healthy money habits to keep them out of debt.
  • Take responsibility for saving money and spending with a plan.
  • Discover how to avoid student loans and pay cash for college.

Also included is a humorous and informative DVD featuring Anthony and Rachel as well as insights from college students. The Graduate Survival Guide will teach high school graduates how to win with money, both now and in the future.

What's Included?

  • The Graduate Survival Guide

    The Graduate Survival Guide - Hardcover Book + DVD

    The Graduate Survival Guide is the book and video you wish you had before you went to college! This national best-seller unpacks the five most common mistakes college students make and covers topics like student loans, budgeting and saving money.

    $19.99 Value

  • Debt-Free Degree by Anthony ONeal

    New! Debt-Free Degree

    Hardcover version of Anthony ONeal's step-by-step guide to getting your kid through college without student loans.

    $19.99 Value

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