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Secure Your Financial Future.

Are you making good money and striving to optimize your financial health? We have partnered with Domain Money to offer comprehensive, personalized financial planning to help you achieve your financial goals and secure your future.

Why Choose Domain Money

Our Dedicated Financial Advisors Offer:

Personalized Financial Planning

Customized to tit your financial goals and lifestyle.

Expert Investment Advice

Strategically grow your wealth with professional investment guidance.

Comprehensive Review

Detailed analysis of your expenses, goals, and investments to form a financial plan.

Tailored Wealth Strategies

Designed for effective wealth growth and preservation.

Peace of Mind

Confidently navigate your financial future with expert advice and support.

Don't take our word for it.

Hear from our
satisfied clients:

Take control of your financial future today. Sign up for a free consultation and begin your journey towards financial wellness and prosperity.

Invest in yourself, because you're worth it.

This testimonial is from a client of Domain Money Advisors, LLC (Domain). No compensation (non-cash or otherwise) was provided in exchange for this testimonials. Domain does not have any material conflict of interest with the person giving these testimonials.

Rachael Millanta, Bustle Nov. 8, 2023

What You'll Get

A Step by Step Wealth Plan.

You need to make $360,000 per year to cover your current lifestyle. This is more than your base salaries.

Together you make $253,000 in base salaries, and up to $375,000 with bonuses and RSUs, vesting annually.

Historically, you spend about $20,000 per month. You need $75,000 from bonus income to cover your living expenses.

With a spending plan, you can live within your means. All bonuses and RSUs can go towards your other goals.

To retire at 62, you need to save a total of $53,000 per year as a couple.

Italy 2024 Vacation - $15,000

Save $1,000 per month in a high yield savings account for this goal. Use $3,000 from Taylor’s bonus to jump start this account. Transfer money back to checking to pay credit card bills from this trip.

House Down Payment - $300,000

It will take 4-5 years to save for a new house, given your current spend levels. If you want to move before Charlie starts school, sell your vested RSUs. You will have the down payment within 3 years.

Mortgage - $1,500,000

A lender will lend you more than you can afford.To keep your monthly payments close to your current rent, your mortgage should be around $1,200,000.

Plans For Everyone

Find the plan that's right for you. Book your free strategy session today.

Do you want to know how much you should be spending, saving or if you can afford a home?

The One Page Financial Plan provides a tactical guide for those starting out and wanting to optimize their financial resources.

This is a 90-minute financial planning session with an actionable One Page Plan to clean-up your current finances and get you on track for your financial goals.

The Strategic Financial Plan enables clients to choose up to three financial areas on which to focus and receive customized advice and recommendations.

The most common areas are cash flow, home affordability and retirement. This plan includes two meetings and one month of unlimited phone and email access.

The Comprehensive Plan includes everything in your life with a dollar sign, and while the numbers form the foundation for the plan, it is your goals and values that drive the recommendations. Financial areas include goal setting, cash flow analysis, debt management, investments, tax planning, real estate, education savings, retirement planning, insurance and estate planning.

The Comprehensive Planning process is a six-month engagement and consists of four meetings to actively help you implement the plan and keep you accountable.

Periodic updates to your financial plan are available for $500 and hourly coaching sessions are available for $300, for all clients who have completed the planning process.