At what age do you want to stop exchanging your time for money? 

That’s not rhetorical! It’s a very real question, and the definition of true wealth and freedom.

If you’ve ever heard the quote “I do not have a dream job. I do not dream of labor” and smiled, then this tool needs to be in your financial freedom arsenal. 

How does it work? 

Input your current age, some basic information about your current investments and savings, and tell the Investment Calculator when you’d like to stop working. 

It will then get to work calculating how much you’ll have when you stop working (finally!) according to the information you previously provided! 

Basically, if you are X age, and you save X dollars per month until you’re X years old, how much would you be able to count on?

No waiting. 

No guessing. 

Just information you can use and numbers you can trust! 

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