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Hey Fam!

Dating with purpose goes beyond whether you have the same favorite color, laugh at the same movies, or like the same foods.

Heck! It’s not about the stars aligning, or leaving things to chance. It’s about intention.Can you build together? 🤔

Are you moving towards your God-dream? 🤔

Can you imagine a future —including all its potential challenges and complexities— with this person? 🤔

I sat down with Nicole and Greg Jones, an incredible couple, that paid off 120k in debt--and guess what? They're still smiling, still in love, and still building their legacy as we speak!

Let's get to work.

1. The United States, 39%

2. China, 9.4%

3. Japan, 6.6%

Did you guess correctly? I saw this statistic, and I felt hopeful! Most of my Tribe is US-based, anyway so the odds are in our favor, right? Right?? Then I saw this: "85% of US millionaires in 2020 were white." 🤯 I'm not hating, but on my own personal wealth journey, I'd be TOTALLY lost without seeing others who look like me doing the things that I want to do.Shout out to the mentors, coaches, teachers and pastors putting in the work! It's hard to be what you can't see.This is precisely why I recently sat down with the incredible David Imonitie to discuss the steps he took to become a 38-year-old millionaire, and the convo does NOT disappoint!

It's your turn to take a seat at the table!
Let's get to work.

Hey Fam!

I'm not an economist, and I surely can't predict the future, but it's clear that a recession is on its way.

As a business-owner with a team of people who depend on me, I'm definitely
approaching this recession differently than I did back in 2008.

This one hits different, for all of us, I think. So, let's talk about it.

What is a recession, exactly?

The National Bureau of Economic Research classifies a recession as “a significant
decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few
months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production,
and wholesale-retail sales.”

How did we get here?

Recessions are usually caused by 1 or more of the following things:
● A sudden economic shock
● Excessive debt
● Too much inflation
● Too much deflation

What's the difference between a recession and a depression?

A depression is much, much worse and usually lasts significantly longer.

I can say that at my age, I've lived through at least 3 different recessions:

1. The Dot Com Recession (March 2001 to November 2001).
2. The Great Recession (December 2007 to June 2009).
3. The Covid-19 Recession. (which thankfully was the shortest recession

in recent history)And, guess what? I'm still here. You're still here. God is still (very) good.

I know it's scary; uncertainty always is. I recorded this video because I had it placed on
my heart. I want to share some information, some wisdom, and some inspiration. I pray it helps you breathe easier.

I'm walking you through a 5-step plan to recession-proof your life (as much as you possibly can)

Be encouraged, fam. We got this!
Let's get to work.