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Profit from Your Passions (+ Ditch Your 9-5 for a 9-Thrive)

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Crack the Cover, Snag Your Strategies, And Get Ready To Watch Your Bank Balance Grow

Press Play for Your Personal Brand Summary ▶

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You’ve been a dedicated, hard-working employee your entire life — showing up on the daily, trading your time and skill for money and putting in the hours to help achieve  your boss’s goals. 

And that’s ok! Our school system is designed to create a nation of good worker bees. Most people don’t realize the massive earning potential we ALL have or how to tap into. 

But it’s time for you to ditch the Rise & Grind and trade it in for MORE! More freedom, more financial independence, more making your dreams a reality.

It all starts when you harness the power of your personal brand, and put it to work making you real money that will make a real, lasting difference in your life.


Build on the side

You know how to work hard… for someone else. But turning that energy towards your own endeavors will pay off with big dividends! 

Why should your boss get yearly vacations and a second home on the beach when you’re living paycheck to paycheck?

(Plus, having a side hustle gives you new opportunities for tax breaks that you just can’t access when you’re just an employee earning a regular wage in somebody else’s business. Autonomy + write-offs don’t seem so bad, no?)
Get clear on your “YOU” factor

With impersonal AI looming on the horizon, now more than ever, people want to buy from YOU — a person with a story they can relate to, believe in, and invest their hard-earned cash in. 

Tap into what makes you unique — and how you can offer solutions for what others need — and you’ll have a winning recipe for success and high earning potential.
Pull a Bill Nye and start EXPERIMENTING

There’s more than one way to make a millionaire, and many of them are just a mini-course or masterclass away! 

The more you explore new business avenues and diversify your income streams, the more you’ll realize there’s a lot of money out there, just waiting for you to take your seat at the table and claim it. 

For All Your Strengths…

You Might Still Be Straight-Up Confused About

How to go from zero followers to making real money online: a six-point financial play 🏈 to take you from hustling for someone else to…
… making moves that increase your bottom line, pay the mortgage, and put gas in your tank.
… building a following that will make you money in your sleep.
… tapping into your unique story and personal brand to get a piece of the affiliate deals, sponsorship, and User Generated Content pie (A tasty pie valued at 4.4B in 2022 — and on track to grow 29% over the next 7 years!)

Truth is, all of this is more than figureoutable #I’veGotYou

But before you can harness all this money-making goodness, you have to believe that this wealth and freedom is meant for YOU.Believe that you're a dream worth investing in. Believe that your story and brand can bring you lasting, life-changing wealth. Believe that you can break free of the paycheck-to-paycheck struggle you’re living and build a future you can’t wait to wake up to every day. 


It All Starts With Your Personal Brand Playbook

With this play-by-play, you’ll be able to own your story and personal brand, put your work ethic to good use, and set yourself up for a massive boost of income…

…from overcoming limiting beliefs, to tapping into resources just waiting for your ideas… and yes, creating a legacy of wealth and freedom that will last for generations. 

Here’s What Your Playbook Reveals:

You’ve got massive earning potential, friend. You’re not even on the field yet and you’ve already got the talent, drive, and means to make huge plays that will set you up for a life of ease and freedom. 

You apply this hard work = big rewards attitude when it comes to your performance reviews at work…

but at the end of the day, what do you really have to show for it?Your boss gets to reap those big rewards while you might be thinking about what meal you can skip in order to make the mortgage payment.

Quick Play: The time-for-money approach to earning is a relic of bygone days…With the current state of the economy and inflation making it harder to make ends meet, 70% of people are living paycheck to paycheck, even with 6 figure incomes.But this income problem is really a lack of utilizing your gifts and god-given skills problem. 

Cross the Goal Line with…

Profit From Your Passion’s Big Payoff Cheatsheet


Your Self-Made Strengths At a Glance:

Even though the dream is to earn a life of leisure, you gotta work hard to get yourself to that point! Your time working for someone else has shown you that dreams come on the back of hard labor and solid effort. Now it’s time to get busy working hard on YOUR dreams.💪
When you show up to a new venture hungry for knowledge and guidance, the rest will follow. Get ready to soak up wisdom and guidance from those who’ve stood where you are, and made it to where you want to be.💡
Your experiences, your trials and successes, your hopes and dreams — all come together to weave a story that will resonate with the right audience. Some will recognize their own struggles in your telling, others will find inspiration in your journey. What you have to say WILL create impact with an audience that will help you build your wealth and success. 📖
Because you haven’t been online hustling since the MySpace days, you get to benefit from a fresh outlook on all things marketing, branding, and algorithm pleasing. Your newcomer eyes can see opportunities where someone who’s been in the game only sees stale ideas and formulas. 👀

Your Personal Brand Profit Secret Sauce:

You’re a blank slate with nowhere to go but UP!
Because you haven’t dipped your toe into side hustles and solopreneurship, you’re in a unique place where you can gather invaluable tips and insider tricks from people who’ve been where you are — information that will help you skip the painful trial and error phase that so many people face when they’re just getting started. 

Instead of throwing a bunch of half-cooked spaghetti at the wall and praying something will stick, you’ll be cooking Michelin-star meals in no time! 

You’ll be able to start your wealth building journey with a clear message, solid plan, and foundation of knowledge that will help you make confident decisions for your future.

Essential Tools to Get Your Profitable Personal Brand From Lukewarm to Cookin’ With Fire:

Later — Plan, analyze, and publish content in advance — so you can save time & grow your business. New influencers can often feel overwhelmed by the demands of the algorithms and struggle to stick to a regular posting schedule. With Later, you can set it and forget it!

Canva — A free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more. User Generated Content is a proven way to add value and generate revenue while getting your message out there!

99designs —  The trusted source for a custom design you’ll love. From logos to landing pages, kick-start your brand with 99designs by Vista. New creators spend hours trying to troubleshoot their designs, but with a tool like 99designs, you can forget about the guesswork and confidently move onto what really matters — makin’ that money!

Personal Brand Superstars Who Share Your Playbook:

Oprah Winfrey, the self-made legend of personal branding, her name is synonymous with diverse talent, hard work, and incomparable drive.
Steve Jobs, a man who understood the phrase “Always Be Innovating,” knew that clarity of message and functional beauty in design were the hallmarks of his branding and he leaned into them hard.


Profit From Your Passion’s Brand Scoreboard

The unique strengths and struggles of your personal brand … and how to hone them into your own personal brand secret sauce! 

Understanding your strengths (impacts) and weaknesses (invisibilities) will make your path to wealth so much smoother — get ready to maximize your impact and eliminate your invisibility.


✦ You have a story that will attract your community and magnetize what you desire.

✦ Your independence and desire for autonomy will keep your eyes on the prize!

✦ You know your time is precious and genuinely want to make the most of your valuable hours.

✦ You know how to tune out the noise and focus on the task at hand.

✦ You’re ready for personal and financial growth and the success and freedom that comes with it.
✦ Your current lack of experience and knowledge has imposter syndrome all up in your biz.

✦ Baring your soul and sharing your story can feel a bit like that dream where you’re nekkid in class without your homework.

✦ You’re still stuck in your old routines and surrounded by people who aren’t focused on your growth and success.

✦ You’ve spent so much time asking why success hasn’t happened to you, you forgot to ask why YOU haven’t happened to success.
Grow Lasting Wealth And Get Free – With Your $5 Personalized Playbook

Get Ready to Leave a Legacy with the Upgraded Profit From Your Passion’s Personal Playbook

What do you get when you combine your personality, passion, and Playbook? A person living their biggest, most impactful life.

If you’ve been spending your time and energy working for the man but your paychecks barely cover your living expenses, something’s gotta give.

Your invaluable $5 Playbook suggests that you might be a bit scared of realizing your potential and stepping into your glory. (I mean, who wouldn’t be shy of being seen in a world that’s shown its brutality in the comments section?) 
But your ideal audience isn’t on standby just to see you land on your face. They’re waiting to watch you rise.

Get your $5 Personal Brand Playbook


This is Exactly Where You’re Supposed To Be  

Get Ready To Dig Deep Into Your Story and Shift Your Mindset From Rise & Grind to Rise In Wealth

Inside your upgraded $5 playbook, you’ll discover:

⇒ The Entrepreneur's Playbook. The roadmap to building your impactful 6 figure earning brand, so you can move forward with more direction.

⇒ 4 Keys to help you elevate your personal brand story so it magnetizes an audience that wants to invest in what you have to offer.

⇒ Steps to help you refine your brand message so you can stand out amongst the crowd and start making a real impact that will create a lasting legacy.

But These and Other Brand Elevating Secrets Are Only Available In The Upgraded $5 Build Your Empire Quiz Results 👇

For less than a fancy coffee you’ll get access to all of this and MORE: 

  • Personal Brand Impact A 40+ page guide to harnessing your brand so it creates an impact in your community and your life.
  • A breakdown of how you can Magnetize Your Content so it draws an audience that wants to support your story and invest in YOU.
  • Your “Impacts and Invisibilities” — aka. the unique strengths and struggles that affect your personal brand… including your relationship with yourself.
  • Start Hustlin’ For YOU Entrepreneur’s Playbook to help you laser focus on your brand’s Ikigai, Learn your UGCs, and Lock In Your Socials.
  • A proven strategy to help you confidently take the reins on your finances and escape The Grind #GetFree
  • Curated resources to get your head in the game and on track to ditch the Hustle & Grind for the Rise & Thrive!
  • Curated resources to help you maximize your influence and grow your brand
  • How to go from excuses to evolution to make this the year that launches your legacy.  

“Who’s the Coach Behind This 💣 Playbook?” 

Let Me Introduce Myself…

What’s up, Empire Builder?! If you’re new around here, I’m Anthony O’Neal 👋🏾  #1 national bestselling author, speaker, and host of the online series The Table with Anthony O’Neal #humblebrag

I’m also well along my own personal path of wealth building that will create a legacy that my future family will benefit from for generations to come. 

I went from being 20 years old, 35k in debt, and living in my car ➡️ to debt free and buying a Bentley with CASH!

That was a hard season of life to weather through, but it made me realize…

…nobody had ever taught me how to use my skills and talents to build wealth for myself. 

And now I’m on a mission from God (cue Blues Brothers theme🎵) to bring the knowledge I have to anyone who is struggling to make ends meet, and living paycheck to paycheck. 

It all starts with building your own personal brand with intentionality, so it creates impact, and brings you all the income you could ever want. 

Because that’s what becoming an impactful creator is all about: building a community that will affect real change in your life and the lives of your audience. 

Speaking of impact, here are a few things you might not know about me:

🐶 I was terrified of dogs… till I made the totally sane decision to adopt a 75-pound German Shepherd #GoodbyeComfortZone

💸 After racking up $25,000 in credit card debt, I became obsessed with learning everything I could about personal finance. These days, I live a totally debt-free life

🎧 I have two Spotify moods: John Gibbs-esque gospel and Pink Friday-era Nicki Minaj — play either one and I’mma bust a move

Now that you’re part of the tribe, I’ve got you.

I’m here to support you with inspiration, resources, and actionable strategies to help you maximize your Personal Brand. And build the foundation for your most intentional, wealthy life. 


Question: What do you get when you combine your desire for wealth, freedom and legacy, (and a keen yearning to quit your 9-5) with your Personal Brand Playbook? 

Answer: You, Empire Builder, becoming the most successful version of yourself…

… living free from the paycheck to paycheck hamster wheel of bills and debt

… building wealth that will grow while you sleep and last for generations

… and holding your head high because you know you’re making the most of this life… even if you have to get a bit uncomfortable first to build the foundations of your future.


If you’ve let yourself fall into debt and the never ending grind of keeping up with the Jones’… only to wake up and wash, rinse, repeat… 

… it’s time to shift your strategy.

The habits and mindset that got you to this point won’t get you to that leisurely afternoon on the shores of your future beach home.You need to reach deep down inside yourself and commit to making changes.

If you’re willing to live the next 12 months of your life preparing for your future success, the next 12 years will take care of themselves. 

But first, you need to learn how to harness your narrative, engage your audience, and grow a community that can support you as you rise. And to do that, you’re gonna have to SHOW UP!

⇒ Your Playbook suggests that you might struggle with putting yourself out there online (mostly because you aren’t very practiced at it.) So take a deep breath and answer this:

Does my story and what I offer have the power to help people and change their lives for the better?”If the answer is yes, then you kinda owe it to the world to step into the light.

Because bottom line: people want to buy from PEOPLE.

Hard-working, dream-building, reality-shaping, flawed and more beautiful for it YOU — not some impersonal mega-brand figure headed by a photoshopped automaton. 

Whether the thought of sharing your realest self with others makes your stomach turn. Or you’ve been avoiding putting yourself out there because failure is the worst F-word you can think of, I’m about to give you exactly what you need to switch your mindset, break free from your 9-5, start living your purpose and attract an audience that will invest in your and your vision of freedom and fulfillment.

So if you’ve been wondering… 

… “All my friends are rolling up in Range Rovers and I’m struggling to make the payments on my Taurus — what’s goin’ on here?
… “How is everyone else making it rich online and I’m over here sharing cat vids to my stories?
Or even…
… “Am I doing this right? Can you hear me now? Maybe I’m not meant for the digital wealth superhighway…