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Build Wealth & Live Free

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Oh, hey there! It’s your future self, debt free and finally experiencing real wealth.., wondering when you’ll finally be ready to get serious about your financial goals…

So what will you tell them?

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… Even if breaking free from the paycheck to paycheck life seems like a dream just out of reach.

… Even if the idea of ‘extra money’ is just a fantasy, much less the idea of investing in your future.

… Even if you’re singing along to “If I Had A Million Dollars”, wishing you had the kind of wealth that would make a difference in the lives of everyone you love.

If you’re ready and willing to put in the work — to evolve into a debt free, financially literate money maker who is investing in a future filled with lasting prosperity and legacy wealth!

Based on your results, it’s safe to say…


You daydream about creating the kind of wealth that sustains and grows itself — without a bunch of oversight from you…

… but that rude voice in your head that we ALL have loves to say things like “who do you think you are?!” and “you’d be better off relying on a winning lotto ticket than making it big on your own.

It’s time to show that voice the potential to rise has always been inside you — and you’re finally ready to nurture it and grow into legacy wealth and a life of well-deserved leisure’

For you, financial freedom isn’t about filling your garage with BMWs ...

You dream about building the kind of wealth that brings security to your family, frees you from trading your time or money, and allows you to shape whatever future you want.

You’ve got so much to give, and it’s time you had a bank account that can back up your generous spirit.

The School of Hard Knocks and your own ventures into wealth building have taught you to be cautious and wary of deals that seem too good to be true. 

But you know there are smart money moves out there, and small changes today can sometimes lead to big payoffs down the road. 

Your unbeatable will and confidence that you can achieve success will bring you what you truly desire — and don’t be surprised when other wealthy, confident people are attracted to that positive vibe.
You do not have to have all the answers in order to want love and work to be worthy of it. You DO have to take action. What you’ve done so far hasn’t brought you the love you want, so it’s time to switch it up and become the person who deserves the love you’ve always dreamed of.” 

These The Table with Anthony O’Neal episodes are some of my faves for singles who are looking for guidance on becoming the wealthiest, healthiest, and happiest person for their future partner 


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Get ready to press play on your passions, purpose, profit, and crazy potential. You’ve got this. 

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From “Looking to Rise” to “Crazy In Love” — Here’s How to Make it Happen… 

Choosing growth takes courage and commitment. And as much as I wish this wasn’t the case… those 2 things come before confidence. As you keep taking consistent, courageous action I want you to remember: 

⇒ whenever you feel stuck, there’s a new angle or tool waiting for you to apply some leverage and get unstuck. 

⇒ when you feel lost, turn to the guidance and experience of those who’ve gone before you. 

⇒ when you want to throw in the towel and crawl back to your comfort zone, know that it’s temporary and it won’t always be this hard. (And don’t worry, I totally got your back.) 

⇒ if you’re willing to commit the next 12 months to building the future of your dreams, the next 12 years will take care of themselves!

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