31 Date Ideas for Every Budget

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Anthony O'neal
31 Date Ideas for Every Budget

Let’s be honest, dating can get expensive! Those coffees, dinners and happy hour drinks really add up. I mean, we all want to have a good time and impress that special girl or guy, but we don’t have to go broke doing it. In fact, you and I can stick to our budgets and still have memorable dates. Because we’re not just trying to find our kings and queens; We’re trying to build wealth, so we can enter our marriages in the best financial position possible. So, I put together a list of date ideas to suit every budget from paying next to nothing to really stunting on them (if you got it like that). Let’s get into it!


FREE Date Ideas

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to go on a great date. In fact, you don’t have to spend any money at all. With a little thoughtfulness and creativity, you can come up with a date you both will love for next to nothing. Check out these free date ideas:

  1. Explore your local farmers market - Pick a sunny weekend when the market is open and explore the local shops in your area—plus, you can usually score free samples.
  2. Watch the sunset or stargaze - This date comes courtesy of our Creator! Scope out a nice quiet park or lookout to watch the sunset together. There are also phone apps to watch the constellations.
  3. Volunteer at a local nonprofit - Invite your date to volunteer with you at a nonprofit you’re passionate about. It’s a great way to bond and get to know each other’s values.
  4. Take a hike or romantic walk - This one is easy! Choose an easy trail or park (no 10-mile hikes) with nice views, where you can talk, sit on benches, take pictures and get to know each other.
  5. Join a meetup group - Do you both like board games, sports or books? A meetup group let’s you meet in public with other people who share the same interest for free. Check their website to see what’s happening in your area.
  6. Free museum days - Museums and art galleries often have a day out of the month that’s free to the public. Schedule your date for one of those weekends and enjoy an amazing day for no cost!
  7. Go to church - If you’re both Christians, visit each other’s church or a church you’re both interested in. It can spark some really good conversations about your faith.
  8. Listen to music together - Are you music lovers? Grab a speaker and listen to music together. Your favorite artists say a lot about you, and it can be a fun way to bond and discover new music.

$20 Date Ideas

I’m going to keep it real: When it comes to first dates, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to spend hundreds of dollars on someone you may never see again. So fellas, save your coins in the beginning and do things that allow you to have fun and truly get to know each other. Here are some great date options that’ll only cost you about $20: 

  1. Coffee and a walk in the park - This one’s a classic. Choose a local coffee shop near a public park for a lowkey date that’ll only cost you the price of two drinks.
  2. Happy hour at a local restaurant - Most restaurants and bars have happy hour with low-price drinks. Find a place with good reviews and a nice vibe for your date.
  3. Drive-in movie theater - If you both love movies, go to a drive-in theater. You can enjoy the movie and talk as much as you want without disturbing anybody.
  4. Pick fruit or flowers at a local farm - Sometimes local farms will open their doors to the public for fruit or flower picking. It’s a fun and unique way to spend some time together.
  5. Take a workout class together - If you love working out, take your guy or your lady with you to a group workout class and get fit together.
  6. Trivia night - Check your local restaurants for a trivia night in your area, team up and try to win some prizes.
  7. Be tourists in your own city - Pick a super touristy thing in your area and do it together, whether that’s a local tour, visiting a monument or going to the touristy part of town.

$50 Date Ideas

If you have a bigger dating budget, here are some ideas that will draw you both out of your comfort zones (in a good way) and help you create memories together:

  1. Take a dance lesson - Get outside of your comfort zone with this one. Taking a salsa or hip hop dance class together is a great way to show off your fun side.
  2. See a minor league team or comedy show - Try to score some low-price tickets with decent seats. Or skip the sports and see a comedy show for some laughs. Just make sure the comedian is clean. You don't want to offend your date.
  3. Take a local history or brewery tour - History or brewery tours are a great way to sample local products and bond over discovering something new about your city.
  4. Play a game at top golf - Rent a bay and hit some balls. If you’re both competitive, this is a good way to have some friendly competition.
  5. Rent bikes, paddle boards or kayak - Are you outdoorsy or adventurous? Rent some sports equipment for an epic adventure you’ll both love.
  6. Have a picnic outside - Pack a lunch or some snacks, bring a blanket and find a nice spot at a park for a romantic afternoon.
  7. Sing karaoke - This might want to do this after you’ve known each other for a while, but karaoke can be a way to build your friendship as a couple and let your guards down. 
  8. Get brunch instead of dinner - Brunch is a nice daytime date option. Find a place that serves good brunch with reasonable prices and spend the morning together.


$100 Date Ideas

For many of us, $100 is a lot of money. So I don’t suggest spending this much on the first date, unless you can truly afford it. Otherwise, these are great options for when you’ve gotten to know the person more or you’re in exclusive dating relationships. Check out these $100 date ideas:

  1. Tasting at a local winery - This is a good opportunity to explore wine and wine culture together. Many tastings include charcuterie and other snacks too.
  2. Progressive dinner - If you’ve never heard of a progressive dinner, it’s when you visit multiple restaurants and eat a different course of the meal at each restaurant. It’s a fun way to explore your local food scene together.
  3. Take a day trip out of town - Once you know each other well enough, take a trip out of town for a day (not overnight). Travel will teach you a lot about a person and can be a dope memory for both of you.
  4. Rent skis or a snowmobile - This really applies in the winter, but it’s perfect for my adventure-seekers out there.
  5. Dinner on a rooftop - Look for rooftop restaurants in your area and enjoy dinner with an incredible view of the city. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.
  6. Horseback riding - Surprise your date with a trail ride on horseback. It’s super romantic and probably unexpected.
  7. Get a couples massage - Again, do this one when you’ve known each other for a while. But this is a nice date if you’ve both had a stressful week and need to relax.
  8. Theater or symphony show - If you’re both into the arts, a concert at the symphony or theater is a good excuse to get dressed up and go out.
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