7 Characteristics That Make Him Husband Material

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Anthony O'neal
7 Characteristics That Make Him Husband Material

As I've gotten older and been on more dates, I've discovered something: some characteristics make a man-husband material while others don’t.

These traits aren't just helpful in marriage; they help men like me to be better boyfriends and partners. 

So, ladies, if you're looking for a good partner, or maybe just someone who could become The One someday, here are seven characteristics that every great husband has:

1. Maturity

The first characteristic that makes him husband material is maturity. Maturity is a good starting point for any relationship to build upon because it means that he's capable of making responsible decisions and dealing with problems reasonably.

Maturity can be measured in many ways: how he treats you, how responsible he is about his finances and career, how much respect he has for others (including his family), etc. These are all vital signs of this quality.

Maturity is also an indicator of future success in your relationship. If you both are mature, this will work out well over time. You'll probably get frustrated with each other because you're not willing to compromise or communicate properly about problems between you.

Why is maturity necessary?

A mature man will make you feel safe and secure. He will be someone that you can depend on for anything and everything. He won't leave you hanging out to dry when you need him most. This is important because it shows that he cares about your needs and wants, not just his own.

He will respect your wishes and opinions, even if he disagrees. This is important because it shows that he's willing to compromise and work with you instead of against you. He knows that working together is the best way for both parties to get what they want from the relationship.

He will be able to help you through difficult times in your life. This is important because it shows that he's willing to be there for you when things get tough. He won't run away when things get difficult but rather stick around and help you through whatever problems you're facing.

A mature man will ensure that his woman is cared for and supported, physically and emotionally. A mature man will want to ensure that his woman has everything she needs and isn't struggling with anything. This can include taking care of her financially to simply listening when she needs someone to talk to.

2. Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity are two characteristics that can make or break a relationship. If you want to find a man who is honest with himself and others, he will have integrity. This means that he won't lie to you about the things that matter most, like how he feels about your family or if he's cheating on you with another woman.

If a man has integrity, this shows that he respects himself enough not to lie or cheat on his partner. In turn, it also shows respect for his partner because they don't deserve those things from him.

The best way to start a marriage is by being honest with yourself and others to build trust throughout your future together!

Why are integrity and honesty important?

It shows that he can be trusted. If a man has integrity, you know he will always tell the truth and not lie to you about anything important in your relationship. This is important because it helps build trust between two people going through hard times together or just starting as friends. When they know they can count on each other, they will feel more comfortable with each other and have less stress during tough situations.

Knowing that a man has integrity gives you a sense of security in your relationship. You will feel comfortable knowing that he will always be honest with you and not do anything to hurt your feelings or cause problems for the two of you, which can make things easier when something bad does happen.

3. Financial stability

The man you choose to spend your life with must be financially stable. A man who can provide for you and your family is a sign of maturity. It shows he's responsible and dependable—qualities you want in any partner.

Why should he be financially stable?

Money problems is the number two cause of divorce in America. And no wonder; It's hard to enjoy a relationship when you're stressed about money. Ladies, if your man can't hold down a job or makes bad financial decisions, it can put both of you in an uncomfortable situation, so don’t ignore those red flags.

Your man will be more responsible as a partner if he's financially stable. He won't make excuses or put off important financial decisions because he doesn't want to take responsibility for them. You’re also more likely to hit your financial goals once you’re married and begin combining finances.

If your man is financially stable, you don't have to worry about money problems. You can focus on getting to know each other better without worrying about how much he earns or what he spends.

4. Respect and independence

A person who respects you will value not only your thoughts but also respect your privacy and independence.

A man who understands the importance of respecting his partner's needs is more likely to be a great husband than one who doesn't. He'll be happy to help you with your work or household chores if asked, but he won't expect you to do everything for him either!

You should also be able to trust that he won't share secrets with others and will listen when someone else has an opinion about something important to you, even if it goes against his own beliefs or wishes for himself.

This shows that he cares about what's best for both himself AND his partner in the long run rather than just focusing on what makes sense to him in that moment without regard for consequences later on down the road!

5. Self confidence

Having self-confidence is essential in a relationship. It's important to have self-confidence in yourself and your relationship, as well as having it in your partner.

Self-confidence is one of the essential aspects of any marriage because it builds trust and makes you feel secure. If you don't have faith in yourself or your partner, there will be no foundation for a healthy marriage.

This trust allows both parties to be honest about their feelings and concerns without fear of being judged or rejected by the other person.

A lack of trust will cause problems when one feels too trapped by their fears or issues that need addressing before one can move forward together as husband and wife (or boyfriend and girlfriend).

6. Sense of humor

This is an essential characteristic to have in your husband. If you can't laugh at yourself and others, how are you going to make it through life?

Your man doesn’t need to be a class clown all the time. That would be annoying. But he should be able to laugh at a funny situation, make or take a joke.

And pay attention to whether his jokes are mean or kind. Some men might not be able to laugh at themselves, but they can make fun of others (and their friends) which is equally as bad if not worse than being unable to laugh at yourself.

This type of person doesn't realize they are hurting other people's feelings by laughing at them instead of with them. It's essential that your husband has good manners and knows how to treat others with respect and dignity, especially women.

Why should he possess a great sense of humor?

He's more fun to be around. You'll laugh with a man who has a good sense of humor. When your husband laughs at himself, he shows that he is comfortable in his skin and doesn't take himself too seriously. This makes him more fun to be around and easy to talk to, especially when times get tough.

He'll have a better attitude and outlook on life, which means less stress for you. A man with a sense of humor will take things in stride. He'll be more likely to see the good in any situation and not get upset over little things. This will help him have a more positive attitude, which means less stress for you.

He'll be able to cope with difficult situations better than someone who doesn't possess a sense of humor.

And overall, you'll enjoy spending time together more often because he makes things fun and enjoyable instead of boring or mundane.

7. Affection

To know what makes a man husband material, first look at the little things. Does he hold your hand when you're walking down the street? Does he buy you flowers just because? If these things matter to you, and he treats them like a priority, he might be a good candidate for marriage.

Why should he be affectionate?

It's always nice to know that your partner cares about you. If he's affectionate, it shows that he cares about your feelings and can't help but show them! 

When you are affectionate with your partner, it keeps the romance alive in your relationship. It shows that you still have feelings for each other and care about what happens to one another.

It's always nice to know someone loves you and wants to show their love physically. If your partner is affectionate with you, it shows that he cares about your feelings and can't help but show them. It shows he cares.

There is nothing better than feeling love from your partner. It helps your bond, and it makes you feel happy and safe, which is why showing that you care essential.


If you're checking for a man who will make a great husband, these are the characteristics you should look for. Don't settle for anything less than this kind of man.

He will always be truthful and respectful to you. He is the kind of man you can depend on to be there for you through thick and thin and to be there for you in times of need.

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