How To Act Wealthy When You’re Not: Self-Made Millionaire Habits to Start Right Now

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Anthony O'neal
How To Act Wealthy When You’re Not: Self-Made Millionaire Habits to Start Right Now

More than 20 million millionaires live in the U.S. and they didn’t get rich overnight. It took years of hard work to develop the right mindset and habits to become as successful as they are. If you desire to be wealthy, you need to start thinking and acting wealthy, even if you’re not.

So today, I’m sharing my tips for how to act wealthy when you’re not, and the habits of a highly successful self-made millionaire that you can start practicing right now!

1. Live like a multi millionaire on your way to becoming a millionaire.

Living like a millionaire doesn’t mean buying expensive clothes, driving a luxury car, or going on expensive vacations. It means the exact opposite — recognizing the need to maximize the value of the money at your disposal, spending it wisely, and boosting your net worth. Here are some of the best self-made millionaire habits!

Millionaires live on less than they make.

Millionaires are always careful about spending. In a survey conducted by Ramsey Solutions on 10,000 millionaires, 94% admitted to living on less than they make and spending less than $200 on restaurants monthly. Some even, use coupons when shopping. Such habits have been crucial to helping them build and retain their big net worth.

They save and invest most of their money.

Don’t overspend. Unlike what most people believe, most millionaires do not waste money on frivolous spending but are frugal with it. As much as they excel at spending wisely and saving, they also believe that one of the best ways to make more income is to invest some of their earnings. About three in four self-made millionaires believe consistency and regular investing are huge factors in growing their big net worth.

Most millionaires drive old cars and live in average-sized homes.

Another self-made millionaire habit you can start implementing is the mastering the art of living “ordinarily.” While some millionaires may be busy flaunting their wealth, most drive “practical” and ordinary cars. They also live in modest homes, according to their standards, and don’t spend their hard-earned cash on unnecessary luxury items.

2. Millionaires are very mindful of how they spend their time.

Millionaires perceive time as their most valuable asset. Hence, they use it to cultivate unique success habits. You and I have the same amount of hours in a day as the richest people in the world, so the playing field is level. If they can make the most of their time, so can you. Check out these tips.


Read and grow yourself.

Self-made millionaires have a strong reading culture. They love reading books on investments, the latest business trends, etc., to keep abreast of the recent happenings in the business world. It allows them to make informed business decisions and hone their business-related skills.


Set aside time to pursue your dreams or goals every day.

Millionaires believe that to attain their bigger goal, they must first attain all the sub-goals along the way. For example, they may enroll in business classes that sharpen their managerial skills to help them prepare for running their business in the future. What do you want to achieve? Set aside time to pursue those dreams every day. 

Limit time with needy or oppressive people.

Negative-minded people can pull you into a web of negativity and ruin your positive vibe. Therefore, like any other self-made millionaire, avoid oppressive, needy people, the naysayers, and the like, as much as possible.

Limit social media or TV, and do things that’ll make you a better person.

Millionaires know the value of technology and leverage it more for growing their business or brand than for leisure. To them, social media represents an opportunity to connect with other like-minded people and check out new opportunities in their niche. Also, they do not just watch TV for the sake of it but may see it as a tool to help them stay informed of the happenings in their industry.

3. Self-made millionaires think differently about money, self-improvement, and relationships.

Millionaires know that relationships, money, and self-improvement are correlated and always seek to strike a good balance. You need to do the same. Who are you spending time with? How are you improving yourself and the people around you? I want you to think about these things as we dig into this section.

They know the difference between “real rich” and “fake rich.”

Just because someone is rocking the latest clothes and driving a nice car doesn’t always mean they are wealthy. Self-made millionaires are rarely troubled by the fake lives they see others are trying to live. They remain true to their goals and understand that wealth does not revolve around having a fancy car or getting the latest fashion pieces. For them, wealth is a normal part of life, and the need to show off is the last thing on their minds.  

Take debt off the table.

Wealthy people prioritize paying off their credit cards and student loans because they know it only holds them back if they don’t. As someone on your millionaire journey, I want you to take debt off the table, and if you have debt, work hard to pay it off. The sooner you’re debt free, the sooner you can start building true wealth.

Focus on improving yourself, not comparing yourself to others.

Stay in your lane, and only compare yourself to who you were yesterday. One of the most important success habits is having full confidence in your abilities and believing in your goals. Self-made millionaires do not doubt themselves but are motivated by others’ achievements. I want you to get off social media once in a while and just focus on yourself and your goals.

Have a good network of friends, mentors, and mentees.

Self-made millionaires know that “who” you know is more important than “what” you know. They keep around powerful minds who challenge and make them better.

Those you associate with can influence how successful you’ll be. If you want to be successful, spend time with people already successful in the industry. Doing so will keep you motivated. Furthermore, these people will show you the ropes to succeed in your industry.

Learn to trust yourself.

Self-made millionaires take action. They don’t spend time worrying about what others think or whether they will fail or succeed. They trust themselves and go for it. Self-made millionaires are self-driven, and so should you! They have a positive “Yes, I can do it” attitude; whenever they fall, they immediately get back up and trudge ahead.  

4. Self-made millionaires are good stewards of what they have.

Most millionaires don’t start out wealthy. They had to start with the little they had and grow it. You may not be a millionaire yet, but if you’re good at managing the money and resources you have, you’re destined to have more. Luke 16:10 says, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.”

Take care of what you have. Even if you drive a Honda with 200K miles, take care of it. Keep it clean and take it to get services regularly. Treat it well for it to last you a lifetime. Then, when you upgrade to your dream car, it’ll be a habit and you’ll take good care of it.

5. Self-made millionaires take care of their health.

Self-made millionaires recognize the value of good health. They know that to keep their millionaire status, they must keep themselves healthy and in good shape. Doing so allows them to handle day-to-day activities.

Work out daily, eat well, and care for your body.

It is common to find millionaires working out daily as they have made gym sessions part and parcel of their daily routine. They wake up early and exercise before going to work. I want you to do what you have to do, to take care of yourself physically. I also want you to have regular checkups to make sure you’re in good health.

Manage stress by hiring coaches and therapists.

A millionaire’s schedule is usually jam packed, from attending a meeting with potential investors to consistently traveling from city to city because of work. You may not be jet setting like that, but we all go through stressful situations. Take care of your mental health by working with a certified therapist. I love the people at Better Help and highly recommend you check them out. They’ve got thousands of therapists to help you through whatever issue you’re facing. When your mental health is in check, then you can focus on building wealth.

Value family and friends.

Wealthy people value their relationships, because they know that money alone won’t make them happy at the end of the day. Be deliberate about setting aside ample time to spend with your friends, kids, spouse, and other family members. It will make you truly happy.

Final Thoughts

Acting wealthy isn’t necessarily buying expensive things and pretending to be better than people. Acting wealthy is about shifting your mindset and habits, and it’s something to start doing now. If you do these things, wealth will inevitably follow, and once you’re there, you’ll be better equipped to handle it.

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