How To Turn $100 into $1 Million

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Anthony O'neal
How To Turn $100 into $1 Million

If you are willing to put in the work, and steward your money correctly, you can become a millionaire, and you don’t need to have a million dollar salary to become a millionaire. 


The thing is, that journey starts with you, it starts with your mindset and with how you see and react to money. Let’s talk about how to turn $100 into $1 million dollars and build wealth, secure your financial future, and become a net worth millionaire. 

Discipline and Consistency 

Building wealth and becoming a millionaire doesn’t happen overnight, while it’s possible to build wealth and become a net worth millionaire, there is a level of patience, discipline and consistency that needs to go along with it in order for it to happen. 

These are by far the two biggest contributors to building wealth, and honestly the difference between those that are net worth millionaires, and 98% of the world. Having financial discipline when making purchases and being consistent with a budget and savings is going to be the difference between you living paycheck to paycheck and being a net worth millionaire with your financial future secured. 

Some of us are so in a rush, that we don’t even know time moves quickly. You have to have patience for the strategy to work, these billionaires had patience and they trusted the system. So, do you have patience? Not having patience is costing you so much money and stress. 

When you practice discipline, patience, and consistency, it can be easy to see what everyone else is doing and try to keep up, but you don’t see the things behind the scenes. It’s important to stay in your lane, focus on yourself and your plan, and don’t compare yourself to others. It’s not a race, stay within your lane and identify what are the things that can help you, use that to build wealth. 

Get out of Debt 

If you have an extra $100 use that to pay off your debt early because it robs you of your financial freedom, your future, and your dreams. You should refuse to allow debt to rob you and allow it to be somebody else's gain. 

90% of millionaires have no debt, which means they are net worth millionaires, and still don’t have debt because they prioritized paying it off and avoided it going forward. No payment means more money in your pocket, and less money inside of the bank’s pocket. By carrying debt, you’re putting money into their pocket. You need to practice patience when making purchase decisions - you don’t need the new car, you want the new car. Patience ties into paying off debt and more money in your pocket. 

Use the debt snowball method and line up all of your debt, make all the minimum payments on your debt and put the extra $100 on the debt with the lowest balance. Once that debt is paid off, take the $100 you were putting towards that plus the minimum payment and add that to the minimum payment of the debt with the next lowest balance. Next thing you know, you’re paying off your debt and becoming debt free. 

Start an Emergency Fund 

Most Americans can’t afford a $1,000 emergency fund, meaning they don’t have even $1,000 on reserve to cover if something happens. If you have a name brand purse, a Gucci belt, if you’re dropping $200 - $300 on a date, and you don’t have $1000 in your emergency fund, your priorities are screwed up. 

Not having an emergency fund, the basics, can seriously set you back in your wealth building journey. If you get set back as the parent or the spouse, so does your family. When you get set back, it sends you back into debt. When you’re getting stable, you should have 1 month in your net pay inside of your emergency fund, after you get out of debt, you need to get 3-6 months of your net pay saved. If life were to happen for these billionaires, they have a place where they can go back to for reserves, so their life isn’t ruined. 

Invest Into Your Future 

Net worth millionaires are not buying for their today only, they’re investing into assets that can produce money to buy liabilities that they enjoy. They’re investing money generating products and investments that can then fund their fun. They’re investing into their future first because they understand the power of compound interest. 

Compound interest, plus patience and time, can turn $100 into a million, and instead of buying shoes and items that you don’t need, I want you to put that money into a NEED account. A need account is your retirement account, because when you’re 70 to 80 you’re going to need that account to live. I want you to think about your future right now, because the average person needs about $200,000 to $300,000 dollars just for medical bills when they get older. 

If you want to be a millionaire, you must understand the power of patience, time, and compound interest. Which means you need to be putting at least 15% of your income into a retirement account, and you can come up with a detailed plan. 

Start Investing in Real Estate

The first step that you can take to start a real estate portfolio is to become a homeowner. Owning a home is a pillar of wealth building in America, and most millionaires live in a paid-for home. 

You can save money overtime for your down payment, and then you can choose a 15 to 30 year mortgage on a property that doesn’t take more than 25% of your net take-home pay each month. Over time your home will appreciate in value which will boost your net worth. You can go buy a house that has maybe two-three extra rooms that you can rent out to help with the mortgage, allowing you to “house hack”. 

Let’s Recap

To reiterate, everything these net worth millionaires I mentioned at the beginning have in common is patience and time. They not only understand the importance that patience has when building wealth and being financially free, but also how to make the right investments, save up an emergency fund, and invest in real estate to grow their net worth. 

All of these things these net worth millionaires have in common are things you can start doing today, to make yourself a net worth millionaire, secure your family’s financial future, and ensure you’re taking the right steps to stop living paycheck to paycheck and have wealth. 

Once your bases are covered, you need to think about a business opportunity you can start or investments you can invest into where you can build your wealth apart from your 8-5. These millionaires used their career to fund their other investments and business opportunities, you can do the same thing to build your name, use your career to fund your dream and build your wealth. 

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